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Plateforme R&D et prototypage

Une plateforme d'impression numérique flexible dédiée aux développements de procédés R&D et au prototypage

Biens de consommation
Biens de consommation

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   For 17 years Ardeje has been conceiving, manufacturing and integrating both digital prototyping platforms in laboratories and industrial inkjet printers in worldwide production lines. In the same time, Ardeje provides related services in process development and optimization. 

   Pioneer of the digital printing DOD technology from its beginning, with a strong knowhow in inks and materials, Ardeje has become one of its Major Actors in Europe. 

  Thought like an industrial lab tool, the results of the studies conducted thanks to the Ardeje OriginD100 shorten time to market by being directly scaled-up to industrial solutions.


Ardeje OriginD100 : The most efficient tool towards industrialisation



Caractéristiques techniques

  • Technologie : DOD piézo-électrique, tout type de fluides compatibles DOD
  • Couleurs : Tous les types de vernis et d'encres compatibles DOD
  • Résolution Maxi : En fonction du module d'impression embarqué
  • Zone d'impression maximale (en mm) : 285 x 330 mm
  • Hauteur Maximum des objets : 34 mm
  • Poids Maxi des Objets : 5 kg
  • Plaque Chauffante Aspirante : Produit


An innovative platform allowing unlimited printing strategies:
  • various industrial Drop-On-Demand (DOD) inkjet print heads
  • inks or functional materials jetting
  • high accuracy printing equipment
  • the widest possible range of process parameters including :
  • controls of print head setup and jetting parameters
  • print parameters and printing strategies : Single pass, multi pass, scanning printing
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Qualified digital printing set-up ready to be implemented in an industrial production line:
  • the most efficient tool towards industrialization
  • industrial drivers & components
  • scaling-up for industrial applications is efficient and reliable which reduces time to market.
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A printer easy to operate:
  • an ergonomic and intuitive software
  • a designed equipment conceived to facilitate Operators’ manipulations
  • advanced tools and automated functions.




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Impression d'une électrode         Impression encre UV


OriginD100 at a glance OriginD100 at a glance.pdf (934.8 kB)OriginD100 brochure OriginD100 brochure.pdf (455.8 kB)OriginD100 with Ricoh GH2220 brochure OriginD100 with Ricoh GH2220 brochure.pdf (502.4 kB)